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Volcano’s, memory loss and one more son on the way

I super Momma think I can do all things all the time because I am super Momma, right?. Well my 30’s have showed me that I’m not a super human but a woman that is getting older.. Getting older means the hair color is changing and my body is not the Jedi it once was. Let me mention how my memory is going too, ya thanks 30’s I appreciate you! With that being said, can I mention the one thing that comes to mind when I think of the weeks leading up to our 4th son’s birth. I am writing this almost a year later, see what else the 30’s can do! The bigger boys have co-op every other week, that semester I thought it was a grand idea to teach. I did okay, well honestly I was an unprepared train wreck but on the outside I did fine. Did  I mention hormones and memory loss and biting off more than I can chew?  As the semester was coming to a close the boys and I needed to prepare  volcano experiments for their science class. As usual I waited until 2 weeks before the projects were due to start on these. Did I mention I’m 9 months prego and I have to help prepare Volcano’s  for two kiddo’s! The stress of it pushed me to a few moments of panic and my boys scrambling to get it done. Okay, I admit a little yelling occurred and a few tears came after I realized how stupid this all is.

The next morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn. Cooked breakfast. Got all the gear in the car. Volcano’s, poster boards, reports. A non stressful morning because I learned from the night before it’s just not worth it over fake clay and cardboard.

We get to co-op my little 5 year old has a class, I tell the bigger boys, I will meet them later for their volcano projects and reports. Little did I know or realize (memory loss is at it’s high point now) that their class started at 9:15 not 10:15! That’s right folks, I got to co-op an hour late(mind you I thought I was on time at this point) which means that the bigger boys missed everyone’s science projects and presentations!  The teacher for the twins (older boys) class came into my 5 year olds class and whispered in my ear, that the boys can come down stairs to do their experiments after all the classes are finished for the day. I was still clueless at that point and didn’t realize, that I totally got the times wrong for the class. Once I realized it I broke down in tears… My oldest son, the tender heart that he is said, “Mom don’t cry it’s okay” It’s just volcano’s It’s okay.The boys did a good job presenting their projects and exploding their volcano’s.

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