Monthly Archives: October 2015

Zyriach Turns Two!

We had such a special day with our little man! The most exciting thing to watch is his  3 older brothers who embrace each others birthday as such a special time. Zyriach a few weeks prior to his birthday started to fall in love with horses. We call it horse fever on bad days, because literally in the middle of his two year old melt downs he says, “horse, horsie, ect” . Early that morning I took some pictures of him behind the horse blanket I am making him. He was not cooperative but I got a few laughs from him with the older boys help. Dad brought a cake home and we decorated it with horses. This little man has brought us so much joy and happiness and we are blessed as a family to share this milestone with him! _DSC3799 _DSC3832 _DSC3801 _DSC3792 _DSC3944 _DSC4017 _DSC4023 _DSC4032 _DSC4038 _DSC4043 _DSC4053 _DSC4066 _DSC4068 _DSC4075 _DSC4085 _DSC4095 _DSC4108 _DSC4109 _DSC4111 Happy Birthday Z! We love you with all our hearts!