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Bee Farm Fun!

We have been studying in the apologia text for 3 years now! I jut love everything about it! Here is their website to check out this creation based curriculum We have been doing our science study of this curriculum in  cooperative homeschool groups. This fall I decided to branch off and start my own group where I help lead and plan more of the lessons.

For a few years I have also been running a play group in our community. It was getting to much for me to try to make it to co-op and play group every other week. The play group now is our new homeschool cooperative.  We have also added numerous filed trips to go along with the study.

One of our field trips this semester was to the local bee farm.Check them out here! Even though the boys and I have had several other trips learning about bee’s, we really enjoyed the hands on lesson here on the farm. The bee keeper happened to be a former homeschooler and she was real patient with all the kids. We then followed up the day at the Brazos History Museum of Natural Science. They had fun critters for the kids to look at and the high light was the snapping turtle in the tank that thought Thayne’s mine craft beanie was lunch! We got to taste honey from different farms and locations. The kid each got to wear the bee suites to learn and investigate the bee’s more!

Here are some pics of our fun day!


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Twin’s Turn Twelve


Keynan captured this great image of the guys on the obstacle course!!!!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (7 of 10)

Blowing out their candles!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (9 of 10)

Ayden being a stud and putting out the candle with his finger

Twins_Turn_Twelve (1 of 10)


Twins_Turn_Twelve (6 of 10)

The cakes were ghetto this year but they were still yummy to eat. We were singing about our ghetto fabulous cake job!


Twins_Turn_Twelve (2 of 10)


Twins_Turn_Twelve (4 of 10)

Laughing at Mom and Dad because Dad lite the candles without Mom’s camera ready! We all know it’s photo opp on days like this!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (5 of 10)

Twins_Turn_Twelve (3 of 10)

I really wanted to get those candles that wouldn’t blow out this year! I’m going to search for them for next year!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (13 of 9)

One of their first gifts opened, new paint ball guns!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (18 of 9)

Z hanging with Mom while boys play on the obstacle course!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (12 of 9)

Ready to get their paint ball on!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (19 of 9)

Z refused to look at the camera while he played horsie on the log!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (11 of 9)

Dad got his own paintball gun too!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (14 of 9)Twins_Turn_Twelve (15 of 9)

Twins_Turn_Twelve (17 of 9)

All geared up for the obstacle course!

Twins_Turn_Twelve (16 of 9)Thayne and Ayden hit the big milestone of twelve this year! For the past 5 years instead of throwing parties we have saved our money to do something epic with each other instead!  We have wanted to get into paint balling for years now.  We finally planned ahead and got some guns for the kids and a few extra  guns for us adults who  want to join in. We are setting up our backyard for more paint ball fun!


The twins and their Dad spent the day at Zoomz Paintball in College Station, Tx playing on the paint ball fields. Keynan our 7 year old was able to stay on the sidelines with a mask and watch Dad and the boys play. Keynan won’t be able to join in at this public paintball place until he is 10, but he still had a blast watching his brothers play. Since I was 8 months pregnant with our 5th child, I hung out with Zyriach our 2 year old while the boys enjoyed their day!  We wrapped up the fun day at our favorite place to eat, Texas Road House Steak house! The boys got their normal sirloin steak but we let them add shrimp to their birthday dinner!

Sunday was their official birthday and we celebrated by making them their cakes. We relaxed and Dad and the boys played  video games. They got to enjoy opening more of their gifts, which included new kindle fires and I-pod shuffles. They are such sweet boys and we are so proud of the men they are becoming.

Gender Reveal Party!

In April of 2015 we found out we were expecting our 5th child!  When we found out a friend asked me if this was a planned accident or a happy surprise?  Another friend thinks I have rocks in my head for having another baby as well! lol I hope my sarcasm is coming through here because once you have more than 3 kids, the comments come one after another.

Well I can say this was a planned happy ordeal! At 34 years old I assume I know how babies are made and how to prevent it. I have never used birth control and I don’t plan on starting now.  I can say when I was 21 and in college I wanted a career, a degree, a nice big house with my skill setting beaming through ect, ect.

I got married instead and even though my first few months of marriage were some of the hardest times of my life, I stuck with it, I trusted God (which in previous choices I didn’t).  Anyhow in that most difficult year, I got pregnant with twins. And for the longest time I thought it would have been better to have twins when I was a more experienced Mother, but again heind site is 20/20 and you never really see what God is up too until after the fact! I look back and wonder why I even thought that way. I guess you can attribute it to a lot of factors. As a new mother you don’t expect to combat so much judgment but you do. Twelve years later you can criticize me and my mothering but ultimately I know my heart and now I think God gave me the twins at just the perfect time, A time when I was very unexperienced(You can say I had never changed a diaper before), unknowledgeable and weak.. subjected to the opinions of others ect, ect.   Just in the midst of all my weakness God is strong, Amen! Indeed, he is strong!

Fast forward to now we have 4 little/big boys in our home. Our boys are filled with life and wonder and to our surprise enjoy this bigger family God and my husband and I are creating, and they could careless of the comments we receive!  The boys wanted a baby sister with our 3rd child and we prayed and prayed and he was a boy. We prayed for our fourth son to be a girl but he came out a boy! We wouldn’t trade our last two boys for the world but  all our hearts still desired a little girl.

I received this book from a friend that had the science trials of when to try to conceive a boy or a girl. I got through a few pages of the first chapter and thought to myself this is silly, I can not determine the sex of our baby. In actuality I believe science is of God( of course we believe that God is science, we are creationist’s) and there is order in that and I guess it is a pretty fun debate, even with non believers or evolutionists. I never picked up the book again though, I did read that if you try to conceive on the first day of ovulation that you would conceive a girl! With the results of the gender reveal, you can see if we went ahead and tried on the first day of ovulation! 🙂

Since our last two pregnancies were a surprise at birth, I thought one of those gender reveal parties would be super fun! Of course I always pick something that I don’t know is super trending! 10 years prior I had never even heard of a gender reveal party! Target also didn’t sell maternity cloths, so I guess having  babies is trending even though the world still mocks it!

I went for my  ultra sound at about 26 weeks and told the Dr. that was doing the scan to just put the results in an envelope. I then gave it to my dearest and best friend Christine and told her to wait until my other dear friend Stephanie came over to share the results together.  I asked them months earlier if they would be willing to help me plan a gender reveal party and they said, “yes”!  They both did an exceptional job keeping our secret for over a month! Our entire family and other circle of friends had no idea about the gender! Here is the video of the reveal!

Since the gender reveal parties are pretty trendy, I was really trying to figure out something unique and different to use for the reveal! Since it is Autumn time and bon fires, hoodies and camping are fun. I thought  it would be fun to reveal the gender in a camp fire over a bon fire at the state park! I found many fun ways online to use chemicals to make the flames change certain colors. That was the original plan before the weather forecast’s showered us with rain! So we changed the location from the state park to our friends home. We used a pumpkin and inside was a pumpkin piggy bank that my friend painted for us. The party turned out perfect and we had a total of 60 people who came and shared our joy!  It was a fun way to reveal the gender of our 5th child! We are anticipating the arrival as I  type! Alyra  Neveah Anderson should be making her presence any day now, and we are smitten with delight!



The day we were setting up the party the kids were all eager to help. So we had 9 little ones to look after while setting up.



The party was so much fun and went by so fast that we forgot to tally the results from this fun chalk board guess for guests sign.



The cupcakes were filled with gender reveal frosting and a few of our friends couldn’t stay. They took he cupcakes with them to reveal before the real reveal was done!



Each person at the party picked a team boy or girl sticker! All my boys picked team girl. Of course I wasn’t getting my hopes up and I picked team boy!


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